Cockpit – A Web Interface for your Linux servers

Cockpit – A Web Interface for your Linux servers

In this tutorial, you’ll be learning how to install Cockpit on a Linux Server (Ubuntu in this case)

What is Cockpit and Why Cockpit ?

  • It is a Graphical User Interface for Linux Servers
  • It provides various information about the server in a single place
  • It is beginner friendly and lightweight
  • It is free to use

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Steps to install Cockpit on Ubuntu

1. Set up the backports for cockpit and install it

# Import required variables
. /etc/os-release
sudo apt update -y
sudo apt install -t ${VERSION_CODENAME}-backports cockpit

2. If backports is not installed on your machine install by following the below steps

sudo apt-get install amarok/trusty-backports
# Repeat first step after this to install cockpit

3. Check the status of the cockpit service

sudo systemctl status cockpit

4. Verify the service is active and running


5. Browse to the dashboard by navigating to http://<ip>:<port> from your browser. Login using the username and password same as your server


6. Various information about the server is shown on the dashboard as shown. Click on the “Limited Access” option on the top right corner to switch to “Administrative Access”


7. The storage tab can be used to manage the storage on your server. It also supports NFS mounts where network storage can be managed

Click on: “Install NFS Support” to install required NFS tools. Using this you will be able to manage the NFS storages


8. Manage the accounts on your server from the Accounts tab. From here, you will be able to create and modify user accounts


9. One distinctive feature provided by cockpit is the “Terminal” feature. Here, you can directly use your server from the terminal as shown below


Congratulations!! You’ve successfully installed and learned about cockpit

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