Duplicati on Docker – Local / Google Drive Backup

Duplicati on Docker – Local / Google Drive Backup

In this tutorial, let’s learn how to set up Local / Google Drive Backup through Duplicati on Docker


  • Duplicati is free and an open source backup tool
  • Not to mention, It supports incremental backups and data deduplication which helps to save space
  • In addition uses strong AES-256 encryption to protect your privacy
  • Further, it works with standard protocols like FTP, SSH as well as popular services like Microsoft OneDrive, AWS S3, Google Drive and many others.

Read more on Duplicati here:


  • Docker and Docker-Compose should be installed on your machine and ready to use. (Refer to this post if not already installed: Docker and Docker-Compose on Ubuntu)
  • Duplicati is deployed on docker. (Refer to this post if not already deployed: Duplicati on Docker – Setup)
  • Additionally, it is a good practice to have Volume mounts of all containers in a single directory or sub directory to enable easy backup.

Steps to perform a Local Backup on Duplicati

1. Login to Duplicati and click on Add Backup. Select the “Configure a new Backup” and click on “Next”

Duplicati on Docker - Local Backup

2. Add the Name, Description, and Passphrase for Encryption (Optional but Recommended) and click on Next

Local Backup

3. Select the Storage Type as “Local Folder or drive” and choose the backups folder in the Folder Path. This is the Volume Mount created while deploying duplicati. (Refer Duplicati on Docker – Deploy and Setup). Test the connection by clicking on the Test Connection Button and then click on Next.

Duplicati on Docker- Local Backup
Duplciati on docker- Local Backup

4. Next, select the “source” folder for the source data. This is the volume mount created for Source Data during the deployment. Click on Next

Duplicati on Docker- Local Backup

5. Set the Schedule for automatic backup based on your requirement. This is optional and can be skipped if you only require manual backups. However, here the backup is set to run at 1:00 PM on everyday of the week. Click on Next to Proceed.

Duplicati on Docker - Local Backup

6. Next, set the Retention Policy for the Backups. This varies based on your requirement. Finally, click on “Save” to save the configuration

Local Backup

7. Now, the backup configuration is visible on your Duplicati dashboard. In order to manually run the backup click on “Run Now”

Local Backup

Congratulations!! You have successfully set up a Local Backup on Duplicati

Steps to perform a Google Drive Backup on Duplicati

All the steps remain same as the Local Backup except for the Backup Destination Configuration which is as shown in the below picture. Select the Storage Type as Google Drive and enter a path. This is the path on your drive where the backups to be stored. Set this path as per your requirement.

Click on AuthID to get the AuthID for your drive account. This will redirect you to login to your Gmail Account as shown below

Drive Backup
Drive Backup

Allow Duplicati the permissions to access your drive

Drive Backup

Duplicati will automatically fetch the AuthID after this. Now Click on “Test Connection”

Drive Backup

If everything is setup correctly Duplicati will request permission to create the specified path on your Drive, Click on YES

Drive Backup

If everything works, you will see a Connection Success notification

Drive Backup

All the remaining steps are same as that of a Local Backup

Congratulations!! You have successfully setup a Drive Backup on Duplicati

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